Sunday, April 30, 2017

Diversity and Harmony

There is only one cause, one source, one life, one substance and that is our precious Lord. The living consciousness of this Infinite Loving Kindness we call God is expressed as spirit from which flows an endless variety of form. Thus oneness is expressed as allness in a seemingly endless variety of ways. 

As God is infinite, absolute and perfect it holds that all expressions of Him are so as well. Held together in and formed of His consciousness creation is the perfection of diversity and harmony. Our Lord is infinite as is the variety of forms in which He expresses Himself. This is the pattern of perfection and all life is inexorably drawn to it. We who are actual fragments of unspeakable holiness are part of this pattern of boundless diversity and consummate harmony. We flow from perfection and recreate our self in an endless variety of ways. No matter how distant creation may seem from our Creator, no matter how many intermediate stages it may appear to have traveled, this is an illusion for the consciousness of God embraces everything. 

In our travels across the face of time, in our excitement of being co-creators, we have periodically lost sight of harmony. The result of this discord is fear and pain, anxiety and illness. And we suffer because of the turmoil that is caused by our waring against the pull of perfection, the call of harmony. When we have lost sight of harmony with the creative forces of the Infinite Spirit of our Lord we cast a shadow upon the road we travel. Ultimately we send our attention in to this shadow, the dimness caused by our inharmony and for a while we are lost to the light.

The good news is that the pull of perfection is relentless, it is unyielding and inexhaustible. It will continue unabated until we ultimately surrender to Infinite Loving Kindness in all of His forms. When this is done harmony will be restored as in an instant and it will be as if we never embodied discord. 

We can begin as we are and where we are. We need not go anywhere or do anything to return to our original harmonious state except to stop our resistance. We need only to stop our preoccupation with our self, our desires and even what we have come to identify as our needs. We need only to choose to be a channel for Infinite Loving Kindness in all forms and He will take care of the rest. We need not be perfect we need only to be willing, to be up and doing and we will be filled with the fullness of grace and mercy. Then we will not only find our self healed of all discord but everything upon which we cast our gaze will be drawn into boundless harmony. 

As we go about our busy day let us stop periodically to reflect upon what we are creating, what we are recreating and why. Let us remember that we are part the Infinite Holiness and it His consciousness we mold in every form and shape. Thus He lives in every possible form in which we can express our self.
May God bless you and awaken within you the remembrance that you are divine beings living within the embrace of divinity.  

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