Saturday, November 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014
At this time of year as we celebrate the Christ-mass our mind is filled with thoughts of our precious Lord, who became the embodiment of love. What must he have been like? How did he live day to day with the challenges he faced. There is sufficient scripture to reveal how he expressed his divinity but how did he express his humanity? This should be important to all of us that love him, for in his day to day activities he gave us a glimpse of who we really are. We do know enough about the life or our Prince to paint a reasonably accurate portrait of his humanity.

Our Lord was devoted to excellence and did what was necessary to prepare for the tasks at hand. His activities were purposeful and he poured himself out into them all. He found joy in all that he did because he expressed joy in each and every one of his undertakings.  Our Prince wasted no time yet he never rushed, he was purposeful, focused and dedicated. Every one of his day to day activities, even those we might find uneventful, was an opportunity to express tender loving kindness. He was resolute in all he did and all his activities were important to him. Our Jesus did nothing simply to complete it because it was in the activity itself his divinity was expressed.

Our holy treasurer did nothing to be well thought of but was motivated entirely by his limitless compassion. He was unmoved by applause or criticism and wanted neither recognition nor praise. His single minded focus was to express goodness in his relationships. Our Jesus lived to inspire and not merely to impress those around him. His aim was to awaken the best in everyone so that they could use this in whatever way and manner they saw fit. Our Lord controlled no one, manipulated no one and required no outcomes.

Let us think of how our gracious Lord, the embodiment of love would live in today’s world, for in this we have the pattern of perfection he has awakened in each of us. Everyone he met would be important and worthy of his undivided attention. He would, through his boundless compassion concern himself with their experience and never be judgmental. Our Jesus would meet all of his responsibilities not out of a feeling of obligation but one of dedication. Nothing or no one would be a challenge but an opportunity to express loving kindness. No result would be that important to distract from the process. He would balance his time between physical mental and spiritual activities to insure he kept himself fit to serve His God and his fellow souls.

Here we have a portrait of our own potential and the gift of our loving Lord. Let us celebrate our holiness, his holiness. Further, may we dedicate our lives to living moment by moment, expressing loving kindness in all of the seeming small things as human expressions of the divine. May all that is good, all that is holy well up within you at this Christmastime and light up the world around you.