Thursday, January 28, 2016

Give and Let Go

How we feel, what we think and what we do affects every living soul. However, those closest to us are much more sensitive to our actions. We are not as isolated as we would imagine but connected to all living beings; so much so that we penetrate the hearts and minds of our sisters and brothers. Generally, we would prefer the feeling of separation so we are free to do what we wish without regard for others. However, when we are in need we appreciate our connectedness with them. This leaves one important area to be considered and that is when others need us and we are obliged to set our desires aside to help them.

Two major obstacles we face in helping others is our presumption of what they really need and our prescribing what they should do with it. For a mature adult freedom of choice is more than simply an entitlement, it is the birthright of a living soul. Freedom to choose is directly linked to our creative ability and without free choice we would be dependent rather than independent souls. We must respect this in others and respect both their choices as well their inviolable right to make them. If we decide what help others wish to receive is not in their best interest we are free to simply withhold it.

When we are observant, when we choose to see and listen we will often understand what our brothers and sisters need. When their needs and desires come together close enough compassion compels us to bless them with whatever we have available to us to do so. Then, after giving our help it is our duty to step back and let them do with it what they will. We may not hold on to the help we have given but to release it and them to decide as living souls how to use it.

All too often we find we cannot clearly understand what our brothers and sisters really need nor what they should do with it. At those times we may consider praying to our Lord to bless them in that way and manner they are in need of, to make manifest in their lives that which only Infinite Loving Kindness knows they can best use at the time. Where we are uncertain we will find that our God does not need our help in deciding what our brothers and sisters really need. If we believe in God, let us then believe in our brothers and sisters and act accordingly.

God has no need of our standing between Him and our fellow souls, nor do they have need of our standing between them and Infinite Love. Sometime the greatest gift we can give to our brothers and sisters is to live the way we pray, to awaken the best in those around us and leave the rest to stand between them and that Infinite Tenderness we call God. Can we do it, can we live so that we awaken the best in those around us and then step back to let them do with it as they will?