Monday, June 22, 2009

Excerpted from Voyage Through Eternity

Much has been covered in this discourse, and so much more can be given. However, what has been presented is sufficient to stimulate us both intellectually and emotionally. This creation scenario is small compared to the grandness that we embody, but we do not yet sufficiently believe this. Until we are willing to fill the ordinary with the extraordinary, the mundane with the miraculous, we will have missed entirely the reason for which we awoke in flesh this day. When we remove our focus from what is in front of us to ponder what is in front of it, we surrender the opportunity to make a difference to anyone, least of all ourselves. We have all that we need for each moment and should spend it well. The tale of the manna in the wilderness was given for us to embrace this day. Whether it is historically accurate or is simply an allegory is irrelevant, and its source of origin should not stand in our way. This account was given to remind us of the covenant made with us by the Infinite Spirit at the dawning of consciousness; we will have all that we need to sustain us, flowing into our life fresh and new every moment. We will not, nor can we, use yesterday’s blessings today, and there is no need to, for they are not given for this purpose. We are connected to all that is God; we are both the creator and the created. Thus, we are the source of all of those things that we wish for and have no need to store. The best, and only, purpose of a miracle is the use of it. We are not inferior, but perfect in our day. Whatever we are, whoever we are, we are the perfect us, and we only feel inferior when we think we should be the perfect someone else. Our fellow travelers in the earth have not always inspired us. In their shortsightedness, they would have us believe that we should be more like them. We need not be like anyone else but ourselves, accepting and enjoying who we are.

Our God is Love, and our mission is to express God; this is a life lived in perfection. Our Lord has chosen to walk in our shoes, not to make miracles, but to make a miracle of us. Here is our first clue to a life lived in perfection. Of whom can we make a miracle this day? Who may we inspire, whom may we bless? In what life can we make a difference and in what way? We are each in the earth subject to the laws thereof. Simple human kindness, which, incidentally, is not so simple after all, is the most direct and effective way to bless our fellow souls. We often cannot sustain this, so we justify our lack of fortitude by depreciating the importance of this task. There is no means more important, no way more enduring, and no calling higher than simple human kindness from one individual to another. It is the motor that drives the engine, and
compassion is essential to a life lived in service to others. In the history of the human race, every turning point was marked by the presence of an individual of limitless compassion. Further, in the earth, simple human kindness is fueled by compassion. From experience to experience, we have made of ourselves a storehouse of fears. They have grown larger than life and influence every decision we make. We may, if we wish, embrace them for as long as we find they serve us, or we may begin to release them this moment. This can be accomplished by filling the vacuum into which they naturally flow. Every ounce of faith that we previously surrendered was replaced by an equal amount of fear. Every act of simple human kindness is an expression of faith that will fill the void and give an equal amount of fear nowhere to rest in our life. But like the manna in the wilderness, the kindness of the day is sufficient for the day and must flow fresh from us into the lives of our fellow souls each day. Life flows endlessly from its source, and we are the source of the miracle this day.

The entirety of this discourse is given to inform and awaken within us a sense of our incredible goodness. We are not inferior, for our precious God the Absolute does not create inferiority, nor can we make unholy that which He has made divine. We are divine in every way. Do we doubt the perfection of a newborn babe? No, we do not; it is perfect in its own way, as we are perfect in ours. We are Gods in the making, and our success is assured. Tender loving-kindness is not too small of a task to become our ambition. It is our essential nature, and this is the unchanging, eternal reality of which we are a part.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Winds Of Grace

Excerpted from my Letters To His Beloved

I awoke today and looked around,
As the sun shone upon a wearied ground.
No flower’s beauty blessed the earth this day,
And the grass that remained was brown and gray.

The water was dark with the stain of her blood,
Which ran from the earth as the ash and the mud.
Upon the ground I could see her anguish and pain,
Because the land it was parched and it thirsted for rain.

Around us the heat scorched all of the land,
As many a foot trod upon earth, upon sand.
I turned to the heavens my eyes toward the sky,
And I saw not a tear for her eyes were too dry.

Her days had been few and her life not very long,
Yet she gave what we took and she was no longer strong.
Where once she was radiant a blue sapphire in space,
She was now bent over and frail, with a wrinkled old face.

I thought to myself she is weak and she’s ill,
So I prayed for her healing if it were God’s will.
I then dropped to my knees and I cried out in pain,
That grace would flow from my Lord like the sweet springtime rain.

When my prayers were finished I heard a sound so fierce,
I feared this spear from hell that my mind it would pierce.
There in the chaos I heard the roar of the beast,
Come shrieking and howling, the wind from the East.

It blew down the houses and left some of the trees,
Not a creature could fly not the gulls not the bees.
The dust of the earth blew across all of the land,
And before this mighty wind almost nothing could stand.

When I beheld the result it took my breath away,
For the destruction was massive on that horrible day.
What was left of what I had loved from the most to the least,
Was taken away in the wrath of the beast from the East.

As I prayed once again I heard the scream from the West,
On the wind came the water that soaked the earth’s breast.
Nothing escaped the dragon with feet made of mud,
Little survived the fury of the West wind and her flood.

What had not been destroyed by the winds from the East,
Was now under the water and it was the devil’s feast.
I could not understand when so little was there,
It would be taken this way as the result of my prayer.

So I prayed again with tears flowing from my heart and my mouth,
Then the fires came upon the wind form the South.
I could not move an inch in this terror and fright,
As the fires burned they consumed all that was in sight.

The fires drank up the waters from off of the ground,
There was nothing of value left to be found.
It burned a hole in my heart and consumed even the air,
The heat overwhelmed me and I fell in despair.

For one more time I prayed for the Lord to step forth,
Then I heard the whisper of the wind from the North.
And the three winds were stilled they were bound up as one,
Then the Earth stood still and bowed its head to the sun.

Then from the ground grew up the most magnificent feast,
From the seeds that traveled on the winds from the East.
I saw the most beautiful streams, upon which my eyes would rest,
From the living water that came on the winds from the West.

The life giving warmth came from the word of the earth’s mouth,
That came from the fires upon the winds from the South.
Finally the symphony stopped when all had been done,
And the winds from the North made all of life as one.

As the winds my beloved come into your day,
Remember always of the blessings they bring your way.
For the Lord who in mercy turns toward you His face,
And your healing’s begun on the winds of His grace.