Friday, October 28, 2016


When we began this journey in to materiality we really did not go anywhere. We turned our back to the infinite oneness of which are a part and created the possibility (even if it was only one of perspective) of being separate. Thus we focused our attention away from where we were but we never really left our state of oneness. In this we could experience our self as a single individual but it was only our attention that became single. This was certainly not our beginning but it was the beginning of our concept of separateness. 

We have always been, we are and will always be an intimate part of creation. It does not exist apart from us but interpenetrates us completely, body, mind and soul. Because of our focus we have come to think of divine creation as outside of us and hidden from our view. In our thoughts we form the concept that the highest form of holiness is to stand face to face with our loving Lord and His ministers of grace. We may use terms like being watched over, which although comforting, further reveals our sense of separateness. We cannot stand face to face or be watched over by what already permeates us and this is an important distinction. 

As a result of such incomprehensible holiness completely penetrating us on every level we are neither isolated nor vulnerable.  Yet we fear and as a result we suffer. If we could accept a fraction of a fraction of the concept of our oneness fear would evaporate and find no place in our life to reside. For it is in the embrace of our oneness with the divine fear is dissolved and not by our experiencing mortal combat with those things that make us afraid. 

Many of us have been taught to meet those things that threaten us, to do combat with and defeat them. Yet when we begin to war with our self the resulting conflict can make life more difficult. If instead we opened the windows in our life to those gentle breezes of loving kindness, the darkness of separation would be made light and the bitterness of fear transformed into the sweetness of faith.
We are in the arms of Infinite Loving Kindness and His tenderness flows through us. All of the goodness in creation suffuses us every moment while His angels and ministers of grace reside within us.  Given this, how can we possibly feel isolated or vulnerable? Considering the holiness of which we are comprised what have we to fear? 

Let us remind our self of this every moment of every day and live as holy treasures made in the image and likeness of our Lord. Then we will find our self body mind and soul projections of that indescribable holiness we call God.