Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Excerpted from Voyage Through Eternity

Early man was an interesting combination of extremes. So connected to the intuitive was mankind that neither language nor memory was necessary. Intuition was so keen that there was nothing that needed to be remembered nor communicated. As a result, we appeared to be a savage, and, by our current standards, we were. From a higher perspective, we had a stronger connection to the spiritual forces than we do now, but a limited ability to express those spiritual forces in our daily affairs. So exhilarated was our soul that we lived entirely for conquest of the material forces before us. We became competitive with the elements of earth and its inhabitants, being stimulated to rise higher and higher in our conquest. Think not that we hunted flesh just to eat, when vegetable life was in abundance and did not threaten to consume us first. Animal life was much better equipped at the time to rule matter, to consume us, and this challenge stimulated us greatly. We consumed that which would feast upon us, and, in the process, we continued to subdue the earth. We did not conquer the material forces because we needed to, but because we were compelled to. This compulsion was what motivated our early struggle in matter and assured our victory. It is easy to think we overcame adversity to survive and prosper, but, in fact, we survived and prospered because we were driven to do so.