Thursday, March 30, 2017

Children of Divinity

We are children of divinity, created in the image and likeness of that Infinite Loving Kindness we call God. All that has been, all that is and all that can be comprises our essence and it is both perfect and absolute.  This said, how can we explain being overcome by fear and illness? Certainly the pains we suffer are not larger than infinite love, nor can the things we fear overcome absolute goodness. Yet we suffer. 

Let us consider there is not a conflict between what we suffer and that unspeakable goodness of which we are comprised. Our infinite self, our soul self is perfect in every way and unspotted by anything we have ever done. It is our highest motivation and pours out through our mind. What we do with regard to this motivation, our thoughts and deeds constitute our mind. Here, in our mind is where we find that discord that results in fear and illness. When we choose to act in opposition with our essence we create a conflict that eventually results in fear and illness.

Our soul essence pours out through our mind seeking expression in our daily activities. When we act in harmony instead of in conflict with these impulses we create a life filled with infinite love. Here there is no fear, no doubt and no illness. The difficulty is in thinking we must undo something. The good news is that we cannot go backwards we can only live in the present. When we begin to act in accord with that infinite goodness seeking expression through our mind and body anything contrary will simply melt away. It will disappear like those shadows we fear in a darkened room will vanish once it has been illuminated. There is nothing to undo, nothing to combat and nothing to conquer. We need simply to resolve moment by moment to act in accord with our highest impulses and the result will take care of itself. 

Let us fear not those things we do not understand, those things that seem larger than life. We have only to harmoniously express who we really are each and every moment and not require any specific results. In a life harmoniously lived there are no results only processes and when we look beyond this we are inevitably beset with fear and doubt. May we this day dedicate our purpose; offer our mind and body to be the means to express Infinite Loving Kindness. And to this let us rededicate our self over and over and over again.

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