Tuesday, November 29, 2016


At this time of year we celebrate the life of He who is the embodiment of Tender Loving Kindness, our precious Savior. He lived a life of perfection and forged a path for each of us to follow in His foot-steps. If we would walk this path we must try to understand what it is, to reconcile His divinity with His humanity. For, to tread in His divine foot-steps we must walk in His shoes as a human being. 

Chief among His human attributes was His limitless compassion for His brothers and sisters. He became the savior of mankind because His overwhelming compassion would allow nothing less.  He felt more than the pains of His brothers and sisters; He stepped in to their shadow and felt their darkness, their sense of separation from God. And, He entered the darkness as deep and for as long as it would take to restore the light of Loving Kindness for them. Our Prince demonstrated the path to perfection is in unbridled compassion for those in our life and giving all we have to light their way.

Unless we arouse compassion in our daily affairs and do what is necessary to keep it awake hour by hour, day by day we will lack the motivation necessary to make a meaningful difference to those with whom we share this world. Our own shadow is long and dark and in the absence of compassion it is cast upon all who stand before us. 

Our brothers and sisters stand in the light before us beset by the darkness of their own shadow. Through our compassion, our sacrifice we may step aside and let the light of Tenderness shine through and light up their life. By acts of gentleness, kindness and patience we may restore the illumination in the world around them. Would we be channels of blessings to those in our care we must bless their life with all that is available to us to do so, not just once or twice but without end. Our Lord demonstrated that to be lights to others our compassion for our fellow souls must be both continual and endless. 

Our life is enriched forever because our Lord walked the earth as human and divine. He stepped aside so His desires were for the lives of others so the light of Infinite Loving Kindness would light the way for them. In this light whom so-ever he touched was healed every bit. 

Let us follow the pattern set by He who embodied the Father, to feel compassion for those who suffer and without judgment, without condemnation, be the source of limitless mercy in their life.