Friday, January 30, 2015

Habits That Help

We are human beings with minds formed of habit. We learn largely through repetition and use critical thinking to express our self in wholly original ways. However, our emotional self, that part of us that motivates our activities, is almost fully dependent on habit. Also, the part of our self that uses reason is moderately to completely influenced by habit. If we fail to recognize this in our self we can simply observe how this works in our children.

A normal body must rely heavily upon habit to fully function. Likewise, we must rely on habit to deal with those events that require an instant response. Habit is so large a part of what we are that who we are could never develop without it. Reliance on habit is not our weakness it is instead an instrument of our humanness. We could… we should work at building constructive habits because positive or negative they will dominate our life. If we acknowledge the fact we are so heavily influenced by our habits the challenge becomes to transform them in to helpful ones.

Those instances where our life is changed by a single event are very few indeed. Often a repetition of events is necessary to form new habits. An inspiration may motivate us to change but rarely is its magic sufficiently powerful to endure the seemingly endless assaults of habit. Most often our desire to change will collapse under the crushing weight of repetitive challenges. So what are we who wish to change to do?

It would doubtless be helpful to find living examples to inspire us. For only such examples are enduring for as long as it takes us to form new habits. No seeking heart is so isolated that examples are not readily available to them. It takes only willingness, a willingness to change and a willingness to seek out examples. Then when old habits rise up to protest our neglect of them, inspiration by example will once again allow us to take the next step in transforming our life. We most often grow in stages and living examples will help us in our gradual ascent.

The largest changes in us may come about when we choose to become an example, an inspiration to others. To so live that we draw others to us and become a means of their transformation. This is not as easy as it may sound because it takes a lifetime of dedication and a willingness to pay the price that others will be transformed by our life. We are not required to be perfect but to be dedicated in our pursuit of excellence. We may not see the results but a dedication to our mission will see us through. Then we may understand the greatest miracle we can perform is to make a miracle of someone else.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Messengers Touch: Inside Out

The Messengers Touch: Inside Out

While walking from my friends and their celebration of my return I was approached by a messenger. He looked just like anyone else but when he began to speak I knew inwardly who he was. The messenger asked if I would like to tell others of my sojourn and I said I would. He told me he had access to the record of all activity in Home including all of my experiences in the Anomaly. The messenger said if I wish he could bring anything to my awareness he found helpful. He asked if I wished to recall my experiences in the Anomaly, and I said I did.

I was totally surprised when in the Anomaly it was suggested by one of my friends that reality was internal and not external as it appeared to be. This contradicted everything my experiential self had learned. However, because my motivational self knew this to be true I found the concept appealing. In Home we take for granted that all reality is experienced inwardly, while in the Anomaly the reverse is true. My experience has taught me that the illusion of separateness in the Anomaly is what makes possible the concept of an outside focus possible. Only after I became accustomed to the separateness of things in the Anomaly did I begin to understand the connectedness of internal and external reality. For example, it was like plucking a thought from my head, holding it out in front of me to inspect it from all sides and then with this new insight returning it from where it came.

In the Anomaly it was quite natural to set aside my experiential mind at regular intervals to give my motivational mind an unhindered opportunity to revitalize my body. This process is called sleep and it is how I shut down my experiential mind. The amount of it we require each day varies with need. Additionally, the confinement of time and space is shocking to my motivational mind and it needs to make many adjustments that are best done when my experiential mind is at rest. During this renewal or rest period my motivational mind operates without any interference from my experiential mind. The process is entirely internal. Although my experiential mind does not participate in this activity it does observe it. When I awaken from my rest my experiential mind recalls some of what took place. However it does not have the ability to comprehend what it witnessed so it creates a symbolic story around the events. These symbols are drawn largely from my experiential mind’s waking experiences. We call this symbolic recall a dream.

The dream state occurs when my experiential self reaches the proper state of rest. At these times I observe the activity and even converse with my motivational self. Although my motivational self is fully active throughout my sleep, only at those times of deep relaxation or what we call the dream state does my experiential self process what it observes. During sleep my motivational self processes the experiences my experiential self has taken it through in my waking state. As a result so many of my dreams seem to be addressing events that took place the day before even though the symbols I use are from experiences throughout my life in the Anomaly. Based on how my motivational self feels about my activity I have either a pleasant or unpleasant dream. I have found ways to interpret my dreams; that is to decipher the symbols, resulting in a real collaboration between my motivational self and my experiential self. Second to understanding the language spoken in my native residence in the Anomaly, understanding my dream language is the most valuable.

My motivational or mental self often disengages during sleep and leaves the confines of Anomaly. Because of the overwhelming feeling of confinement my mental self experiences in the Anomaly these sleep state journeys are incredibly invigorating. When my mental self experiences these periods of release my experiential self awakens with a heightened feeling of wellbeing. It is during these journeys my mental self is invigorated, it renews the life force it expended maintaining my physical body and upon awakening I feel an increase in energy.

In my dream state my experiential mind experiences the sensations that are aroused by the symbols. The process is internal and seems quite natural. Everything in the dream seems quite real. Because the process is inward it is clearer and more vibrant than what I view when fully awake. For the rest of my experience in the Anomaly there is the sway back and forth. When asleep I readily accept this inward focus, the world of the mind as reality and when I awake I consign the experience having been a fantasy. Yet my motivational mind never thinks my external focus is without merit while my experiential mind takes the opposite approach. Here is where I began to reason the possibility that inward focus may indeed be a valid approach.

The illusion of reality being fully outside could not be maintained in the Anomaly in all things. To exercise my sense of smell I had to internalize the molecules of matter. The same was true of my sense of taste; it must take place internally. As for my sense of sight, I had to allow the image to enter myself through my eyes and travel through my nerves before I could perceive an image. I could not exercise my sense of hearing until I allowed vibrations to enter me and register in my brain. Finally I could exercise my sense of touch only once I allowed the sensations to enter me through my nervous system and travel along my central nervous system. What I found was whatever I perceived as outside of me must be internalized before I could actually experience it.

Once I began to question the relationship of my internal experiences to my external ones did I begin to fully value each. I was still able to relate to everything around me as being separate from me but I could then gradually appreciate the internal connectedness of all things. In this way I could focus intensely on some things at the exclusion of others, while at the same time I could gain an appreciation for the connectedness of everything. It was a delightful surprise to me when I discovered in the anomaly that although reality is really inward I can fix my attention upon my experiences as though they were external. From this I have learned what appears to be external in the Anomaly is very real but it is projected by me to supply the clarity that comes from isolating the images.

There are ways in the Anomaly to recall certain experiences stored in my mental self as well as dialogue between my experiential and motivational self. The process is also invigorating because it allows an increased flow of the renewing life force stored in my motivational self to pour out upon my experiential self. We call this process meditation and it is a quieting process where my experiential mind can be stilled sufficiently to allow my motivational mind the untrammeled freedom it enjoys only in deep sleep. As a result my experiential mind is only stilled and not at complete rest. In this way it can observe and in most cases recall the entire experience. My meditation has become a bridge over which the unseen primal forces of my mind travel between my motivational and experiential selves. Like a physical sense the more it is used the sharper my meditation becomes.

My plans were formulated and set in my motivational self before I stepped into the Anomaly; though the directions and promptings come from this primal eternal self, the final decisions are the purview of my experiential self. We call this freedom of choice and it is inviolate. Although my experiential self can make whatever final decisions it deems appropriate, it is the responsibility of my mental self to use each of them for my eternal benefit. My experiential self enjoys unfettered freedom of choice in the Anomaly just as my motivational self has been bestowed with inviolate freedom of choice in Home.

While in the Anomaly I have become accustomed to borders. That is to say I have become comfortable with time and space. Time being the progression of events and space the separation. This affords boundaries to everything so that events appear isolated. In this way I can inspect everything without the distraction of anything else. Like so much in the Anomaly separateness is a blessed illusion. In Home, which the Anomaly is a projection of, there are no borders, no boundaries and no separations. Everything penetrates everything else and this is quite a natural connection. In the Anomaly we call such an existence oneness but our experiential mind, born in and constituted of time and space cannot really conceive of oneness. Yet in the Anomaly we experience oneness on a daily basis. I have observed when I look at something, listen to it, smell, taste, and touch it all at the same time one sense does not inhibit the other but enhances it. When I use all of my senses together not only is the acuity of each improved but my overall perception is increased immeasurably. By comparison, when we truly experience oneness the events that merge together do not distract from one another but likewise add to our perception. In my deep meditation and sleep state I have experienced a simultaneous awareness of many things and my consciousness of each is enhanced by my concurrent awareness of the others.

I often become confounded in the Anomaly and think that using my senses together will add to the confusion I sometime experience. This I have found occurs most frequently because repetition has formed habits and habits have given rise to expectation. In this way I may expect something bright to be loud or to feel smooth when it shines but this and similar errors are simply the result of expectations born of habit.

In the Anomaly I find myself subject to separation and borders but knowing about oneness, observing where it penetrates my day to day experiences gives me a greater appreciation of both separateness and oneness.

I have found everything in the Anomaly consists of energy vibrating at different rates. As a result manifest materiality varies in density. I simply accept without question air is not as dense as water nor is water as dense as stone. However I have found there are states of matter that are even more sublime than gases that simply consists of energy vibrating at a much higher rate. I do not know from my experience how much more there is of this sublime matter than the denser form, to which I have become accustomed, but I conjecture there must be much more. I have experienced this finer expression of time and space, it is as real and as the denser form, and at this point all states of matter penetrate one another.

For many of us the vale that separates perception of the finer forms of matter form the denser ones is very thin indeed. There is constant movement between the finer and denser manifestations but for some of us one or the other in more permanent. When I first stepped in to the Anomaly I passed through this finer region and I did so again when I stepped out. In my meditations and my deep sleep my motivational self frequently enters the finer expression of the Anomaly. My experiential self does not recall in great detail these experiences because it is conditioned to the denser states. However, through meditation and the dialogue that is possible between my mental self and my experiential self in this and my dream state I have learned a great deal more about this finer state. To my initial surprise I learned that I pass through this finer state during natural sleep on a daily basis.

Although my perspective is not as intense in the finer states my ability to influence the formation matter is much keener. Because matter is in the initial state of densification here in the finer region it is more malleable and subject to manipulation by my motivational self. I have discovered it is from here the unseen laws pour out upon the Anomaly to guide day to day life.

I have seen how in the dream state thoughts become things. The entire process and everything I encounter in the dream is comprised of thought. During this experience it never occurs to me that the experience is not real and it is not until I awaken and reinvest my attention in the three dimensional expression of the Anomaly do I begin to question the reality I experienced in the dream state. Yet to my mental self, the dream author and entire cast, this is as real as anything else in the Anomaly. In the finer states my thoughts do take form even though I may be in the denser state when they occur. What makes this possible as long as I am in the Anomaly is that my mental self is always connected to the finer regions.

I scarcely believed the influence my thoughts and moods had upon life in the finer regions. My unintended creations I call my thought forms loomed larger than life at me peering out the window between the two realities. This was very helpful in alerting me of the danger of holding negative emotions. These thought forms would eventually influence forming matter in the anomaly and have an effect on my daily affairs.

Often I consider the location of the mind, experiential as well as motivational. I have found it exists fully in the finer realms and because the finer completely penetrates the denser, it is always accessible to me. Because the focus is inward, all reality, including my mind is truly within me.

Through time fear of the unknown gave rise to many superstitions. Many of them were regarding the finer regions but we have been moving slowly away from this. My friends and family in the Anomaly have been more willing to set their fear of the unknown aside to become more comfortable with this finer expression of material reality.  

Many scientists studying the behavior of what they can detect with their senses suggest that there are more than simply three dimensions. Most recently some have postulated there may be at least 10. Those beyond 3 my well exist in the finer expressions of matter and in time we may be able to interact with them as we do radio waves, electricity and other of the unseen energies.

What a fascinating journey this is.

The Messenger touched my upper lip with his finger, right beneath my nose, ever so gently and suddenly I relived with incredible clarity every single thing I experienced in the Anomaly. Not only was it clearer to me now than it was then but I can remember each and every emotion I experienced. Just then the messenger vanished and I have not seen him since.