Tuesday, April 28, 2015


How often do we do what is right simply because it is right? Kindness, friendship, patience, forgiveness, loyalty, generosity, these are available to us every waking moment yet we choose to withhold them for one reason or another. These six qualities are always appropriate and we should require nothing in return to express them. When we choose to withhold any of them for any reason we impoverish our own soul. The incredible beauty that passes through us each time we express any of these attributes is indescribable.

It is truly bewildering why we would require others to earn what we so urgently need to express. It is unlikely we have not from time to time expressed any of these 6 qualities and we should remember how fulfilling they were. Yet we continue to oppose what we know from our own experience to be a life changing and healing experience.  To continue to withhold any of these attributes is like our refusing to eat because someone else wasted their food.

Illness is the result of discord where we are out of harmony with the pattern of perfection we embody. Healing is the restoration of the life forces within us as a result of harmony with the source of life. Kindness, friendship, patience, forgiveness, loyalty and generosity are those very forces that promote and maintain health. There is no middle ground here we are either adding to or taking from the life that sustains each of us. What other justification do we need for expressing those things that will sustain and lift us up?

The night may be long and the light dim but the dawn awaits each and every one of us. As the sun peeks over the horizon the angels sing with joy because we have chosen to be the light. May we not let our light dim but shine in the lives of those around us. For it has been commended into our care and if we are faithful to that trust we will be the very force for that healing for which we pray.

We may not see the connection between our activities and illness but there is indeed one. There is spirit, mind and matter and we are the connection for all three. They all meet within us and through our actions we create a symphony or a cacophony in the world around us. Let us fill our glass with kindness, friendship, patience, forgiveness, loyalty and generosity to be poured out upon those in our life. And is so doing may we be healed every bit this day.