Monday, March 30, 2015


Always new; always fresh, faith is an underlying principle that breathes life in to all of our activities. Faith flows fresh and new every moment from the seat of Tender Loving Kindness and it is ours in whatever quantity we wish. We do not possess faith we instead embrace it so we cannot tarnish, deface or abuse it in anyway. Faith is infinite so there is no shortage or lack of any kind. Finally, faith expressed is not our belief in anything but our belief in all things.

Faith is imbued in all creation. Our Lord, the source and substance of faith believes in us beyond anything we can possibly imagine. Can we not believe in our God just a little? This is not to say believing there is a God is faith, but believing God is in all things, that His tenderness and His faith is the foundation from which all life is manifest.  There is nothing we cannot have faith in because there is nothing in which faith is absent.

We run in to difficulty when we require anything to simply accept the infinite faith that flows from the foundation of grace. Faith never responds to reason but to faith itself.   The only acts that can awaken faith within us are genuine acts of faith. How often so many of us have sought for assurance in order express faith, never realizing that we were seeking to be convinced not to be faithful. Faith can never be justified only awakened and if brought about any other way it may not be faith after all.

A faithful life is one lived with the awareness of God’s presence in all things; the understanding that all life is imbued with Infinite Loving Kindness. When we treat all things with the same gentleness, the same kindness, the same tenderness with which they are permeated we make God’s faith our own. In this way we can express faith in wholly original and personal ways.

Faith is not an accepting of conditions but a seizing upon the goodness in all things regardless of their outward appearance. It is acting in the knowledge that infinite mercy would not allow us to experience anything that did not have wholly redemptive qualities. Finally, faith is not something but it is ultimately everything for those in whom it has been awakened. 

Let us go out into the promise of this day and by our behavior awaken faith in those we encounter. In this may we resist the urge to convince anyone but through our acts of faith, to awaken the best in all those with whom we come in contact. We are children of incomprehensible goodness and our life rises from that inexplicable faith our Lord has in each of us. Nothing can defeat us because our faith is larger than anything that can possibly challenge it. When our focus is on the presence of God in all things no events can defeat us.