Friday, September 30, 2016

One Step At A Time

Among those sayings handed down to us through the generations is “What we can break we can fix.” We may consider this is much more difficult to accomplish than to say but it really isn’t. There is difficulty only in maintaining the patience and persistence to take the small steps necessary to accomplish our goal. 

Whatever our condition, whatever our ills, we probably did not get there in one single act. We took many steps along the way to get to where we are and the road back is likewise traveled one step at a time. In our impatience we often try to make long leaps that usually result in failure.

We are told the longest journey begins with one step so if we wish to begin, where do we begin? The first step along the road to change is attitude, one that is clear, concise and unambiguous. An attitude so simple and all-consuming it will see us through our entire journey; an attitude that would describe itself as “yes I can.” If every step along our way is energized by this attitude we stand a much greater chance of success.

It is self-defeating to say yes I can and then take steps so large that they make the journey perilous. A positive attitude is only helpful when our actions are both reasonable and proportionate. Each step will get us closer to our goal and our success is experienced in the journey itself and not in its completion. 

If we are reasonable we will find one step at a time is not too difficult. With this in mind we can experience success after success, step by step. However if we truly wish to change, even the most dedicated among us will be challenged by that part of our self that got us to where we are. Once we are committed we must be convinced that small steps are of inestimable value. Where we can no longer resist our commitment to change we can still combat it by taking long leaps that may eventually doom our mission to failure. 

Whether the road we travel back to wholeness is paved with stones of mental activity, physical activity or both it would be helpful to plan our journey like we would any long trip. Our plans can be specific for the short range and general for the long one but one designed to take us to our destination. Again they should not be overly ambitious to become self-defeating. Then in the execution of our plan … one step at a time … we should be filled with the joy of success … one step at a time.