Monday, October 26, 2015


From time to time we may wonder why we are experiencing our current conditions. We may think they are heaped upon us by others or they are the consequence of our past behavior. Some of us may wonder if they are karmic, the result of our behavior in past lifetimes, others may think they are misfortune, while yet others of us simply have no idea of the cause of what we are experiencing. No matter what we think in our suffering it is likely we are meeting our self and we have brought conditions about so we may benefit from the experience.

It is important to understand we are children of Infinite Mercy, His grace and goodness are absolute and such a God would withhold from us any difficulties that did not have the potential to bless our life. Without such a premise life can become a trial, an affliction and an insoluble puzzle. However if we can accept that He who is loving kindness has allowed for conditions to unfold in our life the way they have, the cause becomes less important than what we do with regard to them.

There are millions of us on his planet at this time who may be suffering and surely not all of us are aware of the cause of our experience.  Yet, suffer we do and we each have the same opportunity to use our experience as a blessing whether we are aware of its cause or not. If we recognize we have at least some responsibility for bringing about our difficulties we can stop feeling like a victim and take charge of our life.

We may wonder if we do not know the cause of our difficulties how we are to use these things we are suffering from at this time. Let us first consider our suffering may be neither a punishment nor an opportunity to undo anything we have done.  It may indeed be an opportunity to instead do those things we have not done. There are none of us so unimportant that others do not depend upon us. We can make a difference in the lives of those with whom we interact and current conditions may be the perfect setting for us at this time.  If this rings true to any of us we may wish to consider how we can use these experiences we have brought about to be a blessing to those around us. If we cannot find an answer let us begin anywhere and the answers may come as we move on. What we need is a willingness to begin that will energize our activity and the signs along the way will appear only after we have begun our journey.

May our Lord, the creator and keeper of tender loving kindness, bless your life and hold you in his embrace. May He guide you to transform your pain into grace that you may bless the lives of all of those little ones He has placed into your care.