Sunday, November 29, 2015

Christmas Greetings 2015

Christmas 2015
Two thousand years ago the embodiment of Infinite Loving Kindness walked the earth in flesh and bone. He not only loved all who he met, he permeated the entire realm with the love of our God. In this way all that live in flesh and bone live also in the embrace of God’s unspeakable tenderness. His life was the revelation of what God would be like in human form. So astounding was this two thousand years later we still find it difficult to accept.

However it is even more surprising that our Lord, as man promised us we too can embody His incomprehensible goodness. Further, we do not have to do anything to qualify to be walking, talking channels of blessings. Having been created in the image and likeness of our Lord we are already His. We need only to believe sufficiently so that we behave as love incarnate.  All that separates us from being the embodiment of Infinite Love is our attitude. Once it has been set aside all that is good, all that is holy, all that our Jesus permeated the realm with will pour in to each of us.

Where may we begin? Our Prince showed us by example, he promised we can become as he. Who do we believe? Do we believe the promises of Love made man or do we believe our fears of inadequacy? Let us hold up these two beside each other, the word of our holy treasure and the voice of fear calling from within each of us. Which seems more credible? If the promise of Infinite Love seems more reliable then where do we begin to set our fears aside? In our acts, in our deeds there will Eternity find a home.  Just being kind, one to the other is the beginning and the end of our journey. For kindness, tenderness and compassion are the hallmarks of Eternal Love. When we so behave the living love with which our Jesus permeated the entire realm pours out through us. In this way the promise comes to fruition, we become that which we would worship and He becomes us.

As we go about our daily doings at this Christmastime let us remember we are His; the children of Infinite Loving Kindness. May we remember the promises of our Prince and behave as if they have already come true. For if we so live they will have become true. They will have found a home in our life and we may begin to live up to our heritage.

May God bless you endlessly and awaken within you a sense of your own divinity.