Thursday, June 1, 2017


Let us consider patience as much more than simply waiting. In its fullest sense, patience is the pull of perfection upon time and space, drawing all form in to its highest possible expression.  Simply, all form has a perfect pattern into which it is inexorably drawn. Here patience holds the universe together and causes it to evolve. As a result we have time – sequence, space- the distance between sequences and patience- the force that holds form together allowing it to evolve. Under these conditions it is easy to see how patience could be considered a waiting but unless our waiting is imbued with faith it is simply pausing.  In the absence of faith patience is at best a punctuation mark in our day; a comma, a pause at the end of a clause.

We cannot spiritualize matter for it is already spiritual. Matter is spirit compressed into motive, then into thought and finally into material form. However we can materialize spirit and that is our mission in flesh and bone. If we in our impatience do not allow the mental and physical expressions of spirit to be worked on by the pull of perfection as it materializes the final form will be distorted, deformed and dis-eased. In life we must give the faithful pauses equal value to the activities themselves for excellence to result. In a material environment order depends on time and space while excellence upon patience. In music the spaces between the sounds are as important as the notes themselves. In our daily doings constant activity without constructive pauses for patience will give rise to confusion and ultimately to chaos. 

This is all relatively easy to understand until fear rises within us and as a result we jump out in front of patience. Then we give precedence to fear over faith, angst over patience and dis-ease will inevitably the result. A life well lived is meant to be enveloped in patience and without these constructive pauses we are going against the pattern of perfection. In our expression of spirit we must have faith sufficient to give fear no place to take hold. Consequently the symphony will be more beautiful yet and the spaces called patience will provide elegance to the notes they separate.  

As we go out in to each day let us keep our mind on patience and not allow our self to react in fear to the challenges they hold for us. We cannot remind our self too frequently of the importance of patience in our activities and if we have lost our focus for the moment we can renew it the next. In this way what we do not do is as important as what we do and the symphony produced by our activities will be punctuated with patience.

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