Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Infinite Mercy

As our experiences vary our daily life takes many turns. Some experiences are pleasant while others are very unpleasant. We go alternately from love to hate, faith to fear, generosity to selfishness and patience to downright exasperation. None of these conditions are good or bad but how we use them determines who we are becoming. 

When it comes to the changing landscape of our life there are two certainties. First, we will never be tried by more than we can bear. Second, any experience that lacks the opportunity for growth will be withheld from us. It is difficult for us to turn away from old established concepts but we are not being punished by our circumstances and there are no lessons to learn but just experiences for us to use. Our Lord is infinite, He is merciful, and therefore mercy is infinite. Let us take a second look at our life and ask our self, would infinite mercy judge, condemn or punish us?  Would infinite mercy allow conditions to overwhelm us? Finally, would infinite mercy abandon us even for a second? For the answer to any of these questions to be yes then infinite mercy would no longer infinite or merciful. 

We are the children of perfection, of incomprehensible Tender Loving Kindness. Nothing exists apart from our Lord; therefore every experience is equally divine. If we can accept this we may begin to see the opportunity for growth in everything. We are blessed by all things and all conditions that flood in upon us for our benefit. When we brood over our wounds we miss entirely how to use them for the good infinite mercy implanted within them. When we run from that which challenges us or hide from that which causes us pain, we are rejecting the mercy for which there is no end. 

No situations are too large for us, nor are we too ill prepared to meet life constructively. Let us open our heart and our mind to all we encounter to see the possibilities implanted by infinite mercy. For all situations, all encounters and all challenges are the embrace of our precious Lord waiting to enfold us.  

May God bless you with that awareness that He is fully present in every experience in your life and whatever you feel is simply your response to His embrace.