Sunday, August 31, 2014


When we oppose an act and the motive that sponsored it we are often moved to say so. Everywhere we go we hear our brothers and sisters speaking out against one or another action. In the news we find those that offer their opinions in opposition to what they see as unhelpful even unjust. Confrontation takes great courage however all too often the good done by speaking out against things has a very short shelf life, decaying quickly into harshness and negativity.  It is not easy to keep criticism constructive and the longer it is used the more likely it is to become toxic to all concerned. So what are we to do? Is it best to avoid confrontation with what we consider to be wrong? Are we to be silent when witness an injustice?

The mind can reason only what the heart has prepared it for and the heart does not respond well to negativity. What we have to offer may seem logical to us, and it may indeed be sound, but if we bruise our brothers and sisters in the process they may be ill prepared for the objectivity we offer. To be an instrument of change we may find a much more constructive approach becomes necessary other than just criticism.

If we wish to be a force for change let us begin by asking our self if we want to change people or merely situations. If it is hearts and minds we wish to change we are compelled to take a more compassionate approach than simple criticism. To say “stop” may change the moment but if not followed up with something more constructive it may have little lasting value. Objectivity enfolded in kindness is an elixir that will preserve goodness and transform lives. To prepare such a tonic we may be required to exercise great patience and much persistence before it can become sufficiently potent to perform a miracle. But patience and persistence have always been the currency with which transformation may be purchased. Lasting change does not come cheaply and to bring it about we must be willing to bear the cost.

Ultimately we may find we do not change others but we can awaken the best within them to facilitate a transformation. There are two prerequisites necessary to enable us to find sufficient patience and persistence to assist such transformation. First we must possess the desire to inspire change within them and second we need to have faith in their ability to finally respond. We will find objectivity enfolded in kindness, served up on a platter of patience, garnished with persistence will be irresistible and will eventually change lives, even our own.

May God bless you with the strength and wisdom to become a miracle in the lives of those you love.