Sunday, February 28, 2016

Expressing Spirituality

It is true we are larger by far than we are aware of. As immortal beings, we have always been and will always be, we are not merely reflections but actual fragments of God, and all of creation awaits our direction. However, unless we find ways to apply this in our daily affairs our unspeakable grandness is wasted in this lifetime. We did not come in to flesh and bone to abandon our spirituality but to experience it exactly where we find our self this day.

Life is not easier once we recognize our spirituality but it begins to make much more sense. We lose our victim consciousness, we stop making victims of the world around us and we grow in every way. When we see the road stretching out before us most of the chaos in our life ceases as the hard work begins. It is easy to deny our grandness because we cannot see it, however we do not deny electricity, gravity or even radio waves. Although we cannot see these forces we can use them because they act in predictable ways. So too can we use our spirituality the only difference being that it influences matter more gradually than does physical phenomena. So for many of us the challenge is not one of faith but of patience.

Why, we ask why does it take so long to experience the results of our application of spiritual laws? Would it not be more helpful if we could see results, even small ones, more quickly like we do when using electricity or gravity? Yes, indeed it would if results were the objective of spiritual activity. We grow not from the results but from the experience itself.  For it is to experience infinite loving kindness in all of its physical forms we find our self in the world this day and we lose our way when we require specific results. However, observable results are inevitable as we patiently and persistently apply those spiritual attributes we awoke this day to experience.

When we change our focus from application to results we may find we begin to lose faith. As a result where there was once faith, fear and doubt enter our life. When we become disheartened; we begin to escalate those conditions that bring pain and confusion in to our daily affairs and illness is often the result.

Let us each acknowledge our limitless spirituality and resume our dedication to its application. It is by the gift of grace that we already have what we need for success and as long as we persist we cannot do it wrong. We are not required to find new ways to experience God but new opportunities. Every day, in every way we are to express Infinite Loving Kindness only with what we have at hand. And when the focus is upon the doing and not the result we may find we are far less vulnerable to fear and doubt. In this way the world around us will be healed and we will find our experience in flesh and bone justified.