Sunday, February 26, 2017

Healing Grace

Our Lord is perfect, the sum and substance of all creation, all present, all knowing, all powerful and infinite love. There is nowhere that our Lord is not because everything that exists is one or another form of Him. With this grand picture how then do we reconcile pain, suffering and illness?

From our Lord flows limitless light and life. If we turn our back to the light we will not see it even though we are bathed in it. We will instead see our own shadow and eventually we will come to believe there is an absence of God. It is this belief that is the beginning of the feeling of separation and an absence of grace. Yet we are not apart from God except in our own mind. 

Beyond our mind spirit flows in to us fresh, new and perfect every moment however as it passes through our mind is becomes distorted by our attitudes, our emotions, our deep seated prejudices and our beliefs. If for example we construct a light bulb with green glass, the light that shines from within the glass may be white but because it passes through the glass everything the bulb illuminates will appear green. In this way illness begins in our mind while pain and suffering are the result. It is not so much a matter of what God does to us but what we have done with God. Yet that perfection beyond comprehension flows in to us continuously.

Healing comes when we step out of the way and allow the goodness and grace of Perfection to flow though us without distortion. This is a tall order because we are preoccupied with our thoughts our ambitions and our desires. But there is somewhere to begin and that is to dedicate our self to being instruments of Perfection. Not devoted to being perfect but to be used by Perfection. When we reflect on our attitudes, our actions, let us ask is this what we should be doing with Perfection. How will we express our Lord? How will we spend His grace? And when the slings and arrows come upon us, which they surely will, when we are wounded from every side, we can confidently turn to Perfection and say this has nothing to do with us.

It is in the try that the uninhibited light of our precious Lord shines in and in the try we will find healing of every sort. When we seek prayer, healing prayer, it is to awaken within us that sense of devotion that we may keep on trying. In this way we may lean on others and have them lean upon us that our continued trying will allow the prefect light of grace to pass through us unhampered and we will be healed every bit.

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