Saturday, January 28, 2017

For Goodness Sake

When we are ill it is important to treat the cause of our problem. Otherwise we are treating symptoms alone and the problem will persist. One of the greatest causes of illness in the human body is resentment. We suffer the wounds of hurts from perceived wrongs that we can remember and those many we have long since forgotten. What to do? We can try to deal with those hurts we remember but what about the much larger number of injuries we can no longer recall. Are we to remain the victim and let our body continue to be tormented with suffering from those offenses that reside beyond our recollection?

We are children of Infinite Loving Kindness and when we become aware of this all fear and resentment will simply evaporate. However, no matter how magnificent we are, the awareness of this as human beings is something that is aroused within us gradually, thought upon thought and act upon act. We often believe we earn healing through faith but the truth of the matter is we are children of Infinite Tenderness and health is not earned but our birthright. One of the most effective reminders of our holiness is to be channels of grace, instruments of forgiveness. As bearers of grace our awakening is incredibly moving as we begin to remember who we really are. 

We need not remember or even confront the resentments we harbor because by awakening a sense of our divinity they simply evaporate. Act upon act, deed upon deed we awaken the awareness or our unspeakable holiness that dissolves fear and resentment. 

So where do we begin? We may begin by forgiving all offenses, those that confront us and those we can recall. To be effective our forgiveness is not something that needs to be earned. There is no limit to how many times an act or even the same act should be forgiven. Likewise it would be well for us to place no requirements upon the offender for the only prerequisite to which we should be subject is that which simply requires us to be forgiving. This single act of unlimited forgiveness, repeatedly exercised, will do more to awaken as sense of our own divinity than most anything else we can think of. 

Let us resolve this day that we will forgive our brothers and sisters without hesitation, without limit and without condition. As we do this we will draw to us those that seek the grace that passes through us as forgiveness that they may see more clearly in the light reflected by our activity. Then we may find we are healed every bit of those conditions that are dissolved in the presence of that Infinite Loving Kindness of which we are comprised.

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