Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Love That Heals

We are more, much more than projections of Infinite Love. Divine fragments yes but existing within and not apart from our Lord. Thus our God is expressed through us as our mind is expressed through our hand. 

How then are we to account for error? How do we explain fear, greed wars and illness? How can we make perfection imperfect? The answer is we cannot and how we see our Lord expressed is largely a matter of perspective. Our having chosen to see our self apart, separate from Infinite Tenderness is a matter of choice both personal and collective.  And only when we see our self apart or separated from our Lord can we account for those conditions that appear opposed to boundless omnipresent goodness. 

This does not mean that fear and the wages of fear are not real. They are to us and we feel their effects. However, in a larger sense these things are the result of our distorted perspective both individually and collectively. That which we fear we create and what we create we become.
We may think this cannot be; fear and the results cannot be simply an illusion. We may fear threats to our wellbeing on a daily basis and we build a whole world around them. Yet the things we dread may be largely an illusion as we proceed to build an entire life because of them. If we can do this in our daily doings we can do it individually and collectively on a grand scale. However, once we see the illusion, once we see we are not threatened by the things we fear, dread and the result simply evaporate. Why? Because they exist only in our perspective and not within that Infinite Tenderness of which we are a part.

There may be lack of every kind in our life and abroad but it is the result of the illusion that we are separate from that boundless love we call God. Whether that lack is expressed in health, wealth or friendship it is the result of an error in perspective. We do not begin by seeing lack, we see separateness from limitless bounty from omnipotence and fear then lack is the result. If we stand in front of a light and cast a shadow we can call our silhouette lack but it is simply a matter of perspective. It is our own shadow we see and not a flaw in the light.   

How do we overcome the errors and illness that result from our fears? We cannot. However, if we surrender and allow that goodness and grace of which we are made to flow through our hearts, our minds and our hands our fears will simply evaporate. Once our perception of our oneness with the all that is is restored and our hands find to do the hopes of our hearts all else will likewise be transformed.

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